Sustainable planning to support new development

City Science provides a range of transport planning services including Travel Assessments, Travel Statements and Travel Plans. City Science multi-modal movement analysis elevates sustainable approaches to be on a par with traditional highways and transport modelling, statistically evaluating network design inefficiencies and identifying clear roadmaps to reduced congestion.

Our service deliver rapid and exhaustive option generation and scenario analysis to test ‘What if?’ scenarios, providing a comprehensive evidence base for site-specific requirements. This in-depth modelling, delivered by our team, provides evidence suitable to support new development and for Public Enquiries and Examinations.

Future-proof your property portfolio

The Energy Act 2011 requires The Government to introduce regulations to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the private rented sector no later than April 2018. It has been confirmed that legislation will be introduced to require F&G rated buildings to be improved when they are rented out, to come into force in April 2018. Energy Efficiency Intelligence can help future-proof your property portfolio and review other opportunities for cost-saving and yield enhancement. Our techno-financial expertise can help you find the right solutions to cost-effectively improve and monitor your portfolio efficiency.

Find out more about the regulation here.

Release the value of storage

Assess whether energy storage can save money for your building, estate or new development, using our independent and trusted evaluation and efficiency solution. Built on our unique optimisation engine, our offer enables you to develop and test energy storage business cases and manage in-use performance maximising efficiency and minimising cost.

Energy Master Planning

Regional energy studies can underpin low carbon development or Master Planning activities. Our whole-system evaluation framework is a proven option for cities, regions or development sites wishing to kick-start or advance their smart energy ambitions. Our analysis will develop an evidence base to support funding and investment, identify opportunities for sustainable economic growth and low carbon development, and provide a clear roadmap of activities targeting factors such as energy efficiency, air quality improvement and carbon reduction.

We conduct a range of macro and micro strategy work to help organisations and regions reduce their carbon footprint.