Thurrock Strategic Multi-Modal Transport Model

March 11, 2022

City Science, in partnership with Veitch Lister Consulting, are proud to announce our appointment by Thurrock Council to develop a ground-breaking, multi-modal strategic transport model. The model will ultimately support the emerging Thurrock Local Plan in a way that maximises social and environmental benefits, including the need to support Thurrock Council’s decarbonisation ambitions.

We will build the Thurrock Strategic Multi-Modal Transport Model using industry-standard modelling packages and draw on our successful experiences in innovation modelling projects such as the National Freight Model and Liverpool Walking & Cycling Model to include traditionally under-represented modes, providing a holistic view to support transport decarbonisation. The model will be built conforming to existing models (e.g. Model of Travel in London (MoTiON)) in the surrounding area and utilise innovative methods to reduce requirement for fresh data collection. We aim to provide a step-change in model accessibility and transparency by allowing Thurrock Council to run and interrogate models and view results with ease using our in-house CIHT award-winning tool Cadence.

The commission is a three-year contract to build the Thurrock Strategic Multi-Modal Transport Model used to assess impacts of future Local Plan-related development and identify effective policy, behavioural and infrastructure interventions to mitigate the impacts of growth on the environment and society. It will also act as a foundation for future Business Case development and submission of bids for the funding and delivery of new transport infrastructure.

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A panoramic of the Thurrock countryside