Innovative Parking and Access Strategy

Project Brief

Increasing focus on congestion, air quality and new technologies led Exeter City Council to seek to understand the potential for pro-active accessibility options that could enhance travel while maintaining parking revenue. This project sought to update data around Parking & Access, develop a short-list of innovative options with the highest potential for the city and then provide high-level modelling of the expected impacts.


City Science Response

City Science compiled relevant multi-modal travel data, creating a series of GIS-based analyses including points of interest, demand flows and isochrones. These highlighted the levels of access to the city for a range of travel options. The team then consolidated data from multiple parking systems to analyse the key patterns. From this initial analysis, City Science developed a long-list of possible interventions to take forward for further modelling.

These were prioritised during a workshop with key stakeholders. The team then developed new bespoke models and analyses to evaluate the impacts of Dynamic Pricing Strategies for the car parks, the optimal location for transport hubs, the greening of a major arterial route and the impacts of last mile CAV shuttles.


The outputs were a series of visualisations assessing the impacts of a range of scenarios and interventions and clear recommendations compiled within a high-quality report.

Exeter City Council's car park portfolio

“As part of our continued focus on resolving Exeter’s congestion and air quality challenges, Exeter City Council turned to local company City Science for support. The team’s depth and range of expertise across transportation and finance really helped in understanding and analysing the current situation and developing a list of interventions, including a number of new innovative ideas. In addition to a robust report, City Science provided a range of high quality, detailed visualisations of the proposals, assisting and maximising the benefit of the Council’s stakeholder engagement. Based on our experience on this project, we have no hesitation in working with City Science again."
- Michael Carson, Property Manager, Exeter City Council