The science of cities will enable improved perception, better prediction, superior risk management and enhanced decision-making.

Insight is everything

Big Data is all around us - but what use is it if our roads are still congested, our cities crowded, our energy dirty and costly and budgets restraining what we can do to make meaningful change?

In a world awash with data, insight is the only thing that matters. Clear, independent, trusted science.

We create insight from data. From insight, we help you deliver change.

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Tooling the city

Cities and operators of major infrastructure networks are undergoing rapid transition from traditional analogue processes to dynamic, data-enabled, automated systems.

We exist to help find the most effective ways to solve city problems through data. We’re a focused team, devoted to empowering you to answer complex questions and deliver better services.

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Software solutions

Through significant R&D with partner cities and organisations we are developing software solutions that will deliver insights seamlessly and efficiently to users when and where they need them.

Through the integration of real-time data, predictive analytics and optimization techniques we will support critical decision makers and teams to improve and automate infrastructure systems at the scale of an entire city.

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