Transport Planning

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City Science provides a range of transport planning services based on our multi-modal movement analysis tools. City Science delivers appraisals, transport assessments and travel plans, providing enhanced evidence through modern data. The City Science platform elevates sustainable approaches to be on a par with traditional highways and transport modelling; statistically evaluating system inefficiencies and identifying clear roadmaps to reduced congestion. Our services offer rapid and exhaustive option generation and scenario analysis to test ‘What if?’ scenarios, providing a comprehensive evidence base for site-specific requirements and future strategic investment and funding.

Benefits of effective Transport Planning

  • Enhance decision making and support major investment decisions
  • Identify weaknesses of transportation systems under existing conditions and future scenarios
  • Understand the interactions between land use and transportation
  • Test and evaluate alternative solutions to solve transportation problems
  • Support development and growth with Appraisals, Transport Assessments and Transport Statements required by regulation
  • Manage demand and deliver against economic, social and environmental objectives
  • Identify and develop evidence for new funding
  • Strengthen organisational sustainability, improve regional brand and reduce transportation costs
  • Encourage change in travel behaviour to improve productivity, satisfaction and health

How City Science can help

  • In-depth transport planning expertise covering large scale, mixed-use, urban regeneration projects, as well as prestigious ‘greenfield’ developments
  • Provision of high quality transport and highways planning throughout all stages of the planning process
  • Innovative analytical and visualisation tools for sustainable modes
  • Multi-modal insights and modelling techniques
  • Optimisation tools to prioritise actions and maximise positive impact
  • Integration with highly efficient and effective data acquisition and analysis techniques
  • Engaging visualisation and communication techniques to deliver high-value insights to citizens, politicians and stakeholders
  • Effective and efficient transport planning workflow, powered by modern software

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