Transport Modelling and Analytics

The power of modern software with the confidence of traditional techniques

The City Science modelling suite delivers high-quality answers to complex, strategic and multi-modal questions. As well as cutting-edge congested network and junction modelling, our tools provide rapid integration with the latest datasets, making strategic models ‘live’. We can ingest your existing strategic model into our software or develop a new model from quality-assured datasets. Using a range of base-layer inputs, our modelling tools provide an integrated framework of transport intelligence, citizen and political engagement tools and rapid and exhaustive ‘What if?’ analysis.

Benefits of effective Transport Modelling

  • Reduce congestion and support business cases
  • Fully understand the impact of complex infrastructure decisions
  • Evaluate the effects of a scheme on the wider transport network
  • Forecast future demand and areas of high congestion
  • Assess the economic benefits of infrastructure proposals
  • Understand the environmental impact of major schemes

How City Science can help

  • Traditional theory and techniques, updated for cutting-edge research and ‘live’ data
  • Rapid high-quality answers to complex, strategic and multi-modal questions including ‘What if’ analysis to understand the impact of the fast-changing transport sector
  • Powerful modern software engine enabling rapid convergence and processing
  • Live model with rapid integration of latest datasets and automatic updates
  • User-friendly and powerful multi-modal modelling and analysis via a single seamless platform to increase planning productivity
  • Strategic modelling, congested network modelling, agent-based modelling, land-use modelling, variable demand modelling and appraisal and visualisation tools all in a single platform
  • High-quality tools to visualise, analyse and support scheme development for sustainable modes
  • Rapid and exhaustive option generation and scenario analysis
  • Built to enable highly efficient workflow including model build, data pipeline, scenario build, site audit, version control, major scheme management and report generation