Sustainable Transport

Cities designed for people

City Science provides innovative analytical tools for data-driven evaluation of sustainable travel potential and network design. Our analytics can support the development of LCWIPs, Travel Plans and Sustainable Transport Strategies. Providing evidence for the development of attractive, desirable, place-making initiatives, City Science metrics can tell you where demand is highest, how the network currently serves it, and what to consider to ensure successful schemes. Integrating cutting-edge research and statistical behaviour surveys, City Science tools underpin the robust evidence you need to secure investment for sustainable travel, promote cycling and walking and take active steps to improving air quality and health.

Benefits of Sustainable Transport Planning

  • Design attractive, desirable places with enhanced public realm that puts people first
  • Promote cycling and walking to reduce congestion and improve quality of life
  • Deliver improved air quality and healthier places and citizens
  • Increase physical activity, enhance productivity and improve safety
  • Develop efficient, cost-effective and pollution-free transport strategies

How City Science can help

  • Innovative analytical and visualisation tools for walking and cycling
  • Develop travel pattern models across all modes and purposes
  • Fully explore and exploit data to assess and locate key areas of walking and cycling potential
  • Fully customisable routing models enable network accessibility to be understood for a range of user needs
  • Use a full suite of metrics to understand accessibility, porosity, speed, directness, hilliness etc.
  • Understand different walking and cycling behaviours
  • Network analysis tools to aid design and prioritise investment
  • Integration of latest peer-reviewed research on sustainable infrastructure and user behaviour
  • In-depth statistical surveys and analysis to assess options to maximise benefit
  • High quality interactive tools to engage and consult stakeholders, politicians, citizens and policy groups

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