Environmental Strategy

Identify operational savings and enhance sustainability

City Science can develop environmental strategies bespoke to your business needs. We undertake a comprehensive review of process, energy and cost, evaluating opportunities and developing a prioritised intervention analysis to improve business and operational efficiency and performance. We conduct a range of macro and micro strategy work to help organisations and regions reduce their carbon footprint.

Benefits of Environmental Strategy

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce waste and improve process efficiency
  • Monitor and minimise carbon across your supply chain
  • Evaluate and manage “trapped” assets
  • Reduce reliance on natural resources and inputs
  • Enhance business continuity
  • Reduce emissions and improve air quality
  • Improve brand image and competitive advantage
  • Monitor, meet and exceed regulatory requirements

How City Science can help

  • Provide cutting-edge, strategic energy data and carbon analytics
  • Use a tested whole system energy study framework
  • Develop bespoke software, GIS, visualisation and reporting tools
  • Offer a unique combination of energy strategy, comprehensive transport modelling and sustainability master planning
  • Provide rapid and exhaustive option generation and scenario analysis
  • Drive vision to reality with a clear investment road map and practical financing options
  • Provide practical plans for real action and offer ongoing delivery support
  • Evaluate the economic benefits of energy strategies, securing widespread stakeholder buy-in
  • Offer techno-financial appraisal expertise
  • Provide bid writing and innovation funding experience

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