Energy Storage Feasibility

Release the value of storage

Assess whether energy storage can deliver value for your building, estate or renewable energy portfolio using our independent and trusted evaluation and efficiency solution. Built on our unique optimisation engine, City Science tools enable you to develop and test energy storage business cases, manage in-use performance, maximise efficiency and minimise cost.

Benefits of Energy Storage Feasibility


  • Exploit energy price arbitrage
  • Minimise DUOS charges
  • Maximise use of on-site renewables
  • Hedge against future price rises in electricity
  • Explore additional income from response services
  • Enhance portfolio yield


  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Enable wider deployment of renewables e.g. via aggregated services

Resilience and business continuity

  • Provide backup and emergency power during outages
  • Protect business-critical systems

Leadership and independence

  • Understand your strategy in this fast-growing market
  • Capture regional value to ‘keep local benefits local’

How City Science can help

  • Un-biased, technology and manufacturer agnostic recommendations
  • Advanced independent techno-financial battery storage consultancy model
  • Whole-system and energy strategy expertise e.g. interaction of heat, gas, thermal performance and electrical demand
  • Trusted experts from energy, engineering, statistical and financial backgrounds
  • Quality checked, tested and peer-reviewed algorithms
  • An absolute commitment to solving customer’s real world complex, strategic problems
  • Integration with smart energy dashboards and monitoring infrastructure
  • Dashboard and software tools developed to your exact requirements
  • Technical and financial due diligence expertise
  • Financial structuring and financing expertise
  • White label partnership opportunities