Trusted transport answers

City Science provides a range of transport planning services based on our multi-modal movement analysis tools. City Science delivers appraisals, transport assessments and travel plans, providing enhanced evidence through modern data. The City Science platform elevates sustainable approaches to be on a par with traditional highways and transport modelling, statistically evaluating system inefficiencies and identifying clear roadmaps to reduced congestion. Our services provides rapid and exhaustive option generation and scenario analysis to test ‘What if?’ scenarios, providing a comprehensive evidence base for site-specific requirements and future strategic investment and funding.

The power of modern software with the confidence of traditional techniques

The City Science modelling suite delivers high-quality answers to complex, strategic and multi-modal questions. As well as extensive congested network and junction modelling, our tools provide rapid integration with the latest datasets, making strategic models ‘live’. We can ingest your existing strategic model into our software or develop a new model from quality-assured datasets. Using a range of base-layer inputs, our modelling tools provide an integrated framework of transport intelligence, citizen and political engagement tools and rapid and exhaustive ‘What if?’ analysis.

Smart Cities and Intelligent Mobility

City Science assist with the design, development, funding and implementation of extensive smart city initiatives. Our experience and partnerships across telematics, CAVs, IoT, remote monitoring, security, system design, and analytics enable us to offer trusted and independent collaboration across a wide range of projects. Where projects are aligned to our strategic R&D objectives, we may be able to support bid writing, funding applications or data capture via new IoT hardware.

Sustainable Transport

City Science provides innovative analytical tools for the data-driven evaluation of sustainable travel potential and network design supporting the development of LCWIPs, Travel Plans and Sustainable Transport Strategies. Providing evidence for the development of attractive, desirable, placemaking initiatives, City Science metrics can tell you where demand is highest, how the network currently serves it, and what to consider to ensure successful schemes. Integrating cutting-edge research and statistical behaviour surveys, City Science tools underpin the robust evidence you need to secure investment for sustainable travel, promote cycling and walking and take active steps to improving air quality and health.