Become a leading smart region

Our whole-system evaluation framework is a proven option for cities and authorities wishing to kick-start or advance their ‘smart’ ambitions. Our analysis will develop an evidence base to support funding and investment, identify opportunities for economic growth and improved social outcomes, and provide a clear roadmap of activities targeting factors such as energy efficiency, air quality improvement and carbon reduction.

Take a leadership position in energy storage

Our independent and trusted evaluation and efficiency solutions offer techno-financial appraisals, and enable you to identify viable sites and develop energy storage business cases.

Once a site has been identified, our unique optimisation engine can automate and control in-use battery performance to monitor and maximise the value of energy storage deployments.

Reduce congestion to future-proof your growth

City Science provides leading transport strategy solutions for cities, combining trusted techniques with cutting-edge approaches. Through a true multi-modal movement analysis we statistically evaluate the system inefficiencies and develop clear roadmaps to reduced congestion, system optimisation and sustainable modes. Our modelling delivers rapid and exhaustive option generation and scenario analysis to test ‘What if?’ scenarios, providing a comprehensive evidence base for future strategic investment and funding.

Aggregate and transform siloed data into valuable intelligence

Energy Efficiency Intelligence provides comprehensive and independent advice from energy, engineering, statistical and financial experts. Our software enables you to view, explore and analyse property assets through a single portal providing an essential tool to manage and deliver ongoing value. Based on whole-system, energy strategy expertise (e.g. the interaction of heat, gas, thermal performance and electrical demand) and drawing on our rich techno-financial database and modelling tools, Energy Efficiency Intelligence helps you identify immediate and ongoing savings, develop business cases and identify grant and funding opportunities.