The power of modern software with the confidence of traditional techniques

The City Science modelling suite delivers high-quality answers to complex, strategic and multi-modal questions. As well as extensive congested network and junction modelling, our tools provide rapid integration with the latest datasets, making strategic models ‘live’. We can ingest existing strategic models into our system or develop new models from quality-assured datasets. Using a range of base-layer inputs our modelling tools provide an integrated framework of transport intelligence, citizen and political engagement tools and rapid and exhaustive ‘what-if’ analysis.

We can deliver modelling services and solutions to support a range of transportation planning tasks via our partnership model. Contact us today to find out how our tools can help you grow your business.

Release the value of storage

Gain access to the fast-growing energy storage market and generate additional recurring revenue using our independent and trusted evaluation and efficiency solution. Built on our unique optimisation engine, our offer enables you to develop and test energy storage business cases and manage in-use performance maximising the value of energy storage to your customers.

Energy Master Planning

Regional energy studies can underpin low carbon development or master-planning activities. Our whole-system evaluation framework is a proven option for cities, regions or development sites wishing to kick-start or advance their smart energy ambitions. Our analysis will develop an evidence base to support funding and investment, identify opportunities for sustainable economic growth and low carbon development, and provide a clear roadmap of activities targeting factors such as energy efficiency, air quality improvement and carbon reduction.

We conduct a range of macro and micro strategy work to help organisations and regions reduce their carbon footprint.

Aggregate and transform siloed data into valuable intelligence

Energy Efficiency Intelligence provides comprehensive and independent advice from energy, engineering, statistical and financial experts. Our software enables you to view, explore and analyse your property assets through a single portal providing an essential tool to manage and deliver ongoing value. Based on whole-system, energy strategy expertise (e.g. the interaction of heat, gas, thermal performance and electrical demand) and drawing on our rich techno-financial database and modelling tools, Energy Efficiency Intelligence enables you to identify immediate and ongoing savings, develop business cases and identify grant and funding opportunities.