New: Carbon Maturity Assessment for SMEs

5 December 2022

The pressure is ramping up from the government, supply chains and our own consciences to decarbonise - and to do it quickly. But it’s not easy - clear benchmarks are hard to find, understanding where we are in our journey can be time-consuming, and knowing what to do next can be complex. Add in communicating this to investors, board members, stakeholders and customers and the challenge is even bigger.

But as the climate crisis looms ever more threatening, action is imperative.

Though many organisations - and SMEs in particular - have yet to be provided with adequate tools or knowledge to help them improve their carbon footprint, they are and will be expected to do so regardless. Whether it’s the government, supply chains or customers applying pressure and wanting to see positive action to help the planet, expectations are ever-increasing and businesses will have to demonstrate progress to survive.

That’s why we developed the Carbon Maturity Assessment for SMEs

City Science’s Carbon Maturity Assessment is a simple self-assessment questionnaire consisting of only 15 questions. Upon completion, we’ll compile a report that benchmarks your company and its progress towards understanding and tackling your carbon footprint.

It will set out your carbon maturity level, identifying areas for improvement, highlighting where you have performed well and providing a set of tailored recommendations for how you can improve and what actions you should take next.

The report will have graphical elements that are quick and easy to understand, so it’s the perfect document to share with any stakeholders who want to see that you are taking steps to decarbonise.

The Carbon Maturity Assessment can help SMEs like you…

  • Take stock of where you are
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Celebrate areas where you’ve performed well
  • Benchmark against other organisations and best practice
  • Clarify and address potential barriers
  • Identify and prioritise next steps
  • Demonstrate progress towards decarbonisation (especially when repeated annually)

Based on our proven Carbon Maturity Model

Our Carbon Maturity Assessment is based on our pioneering Carbon Maturity Model, which was the first independent carbon maturity assessment for local authorities. We’ve used it to help organisations across the UK benchmark their decarbonisation progress and define the next actions to push them along their journey, and after popular demand, have developed a version of it specifically tailored for SMEs.

With only 15 questions, it won’t take most organisations long to complete, and after submission, you’ll receive your report within one working day. It will be a fully self-contained report, ready to share with stakeholders or be incorporated into your decarbonisation action plan and requires no further interaction with City Science (though our team will of course be on-hand to discuss it if you desire).

The best part?

It’s completely free until January 10th - consider it a Christmas gift from the City Science team.


Simply fill in the questionnaire by clicking here and we’ll do the rest.