Oxfordshire Net Zero Road Map and Action Plan

11 May 2022

City Science is pleased to announce that we have been appointed by Oxfordshire County Council (on behalf of the Future Oxfordshire Partnership) to produce a net zero road map and accompanying action plan to 2030.

The commission, which follows on from an initial Pathways to a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire (PaZCO) report published in 2021 and learnings from our recently published Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy (Stage1), will directly address the challenge Oxfordshire has by delivering a more joined-up approach to decarbonisation across all of its local authorities and key partners.

Our approach, which will apply key environmental principles of the Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy, will involve a detailed baseline review and a collaborative approach to engaging with key stakeholders and partners across the county. This will focus on developing a shared vision, understanding cross-boundary opportunities and co-working to identify integrated decarbonisation solutions.

The final report will include carbon emission trajectories to 2030 and an accompanying timeline of key changes required against carbon reduction milestones. It will be accompanied by an action plan with clear roles and responsibilities.

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