Low Carbon Lent

March 17, 2022

The City Science Team commits to a Low Carbon Lent, and encourages others to get involved

In a New Years blog, CEO Laurence made an impassioned plea for 2022 to be a year of action on climate change. That means action at governmental and organisational levels, of course, but also for us all, as individuals, to do more to change our behaviour to reduce our carbon footprints.

As a follow up to this, and to encourage the team and others to take action, we’ve been promoting a Low Carbon Lent.

It’s a campaign designed to encourage people to make a change in their life that reduces their carbon footprint for the period of Lent, and then nominate others to take part as well.

As part of Low Carbon Lent, team commitments include:

  • Jade has committed to setting a shower timer; only putting on the heating below 16 degrees; looking for low and seasonal foods and finding a more environmentally friendly alternative to Cif
  • Jo has committed to going vegetarian for the period
  • Simon L has committed to going vegan for the 40 days
  • Elliot has committed to 6/7 meat-free days a week; only consuming UK fruit, vegetables and drinks; and reducing his energy usage by 20% by switching off appliances and lights when not in use
  • Laurence is examining all family food shopping and has committed to finding better alternatives after considering miles travelled, transport modes, intensity of production and more (yes, he has a spreadsheet!)
  • Bob is giving up single-occupant journeys
  • Heather is going to replace all the leaky sash and single-glazed windows in her house with double-glazed alternatives
  • Stephen is eliminating baths and restricting the length of his showers to reduce hot water usage
  • Xihe is cutting out all non-essential car journeys; shopping locally and cutting out fizzy drinks (including beer!)

A selection of Low Carbon Lent commitments from City Science staff

Laurence Oakes-Ash, City Science Founder and CEO, comments:

“While our employees are regularly advising clients about decarbonisation, we wanted to find ways to help them take individual action to address climate change themselves. Low Carbon Lent was one of the results of our brainstorming. The goal with Low Carbon Lent is to get people to do something to help solve the climate crisis right away, but also engage with and understand all the things they can do to make a difference.

“Change is hard, and the thought of it can be scary. By limiting the commitment to 40 days, we hope more people will start. Hopefully, some people will find it easier than they thought and may even keep their change going.”

A selection of Low Carbon Lent commitments from City Science staff

We’ll update how people got on and share experiences and learnings at the end of Lent, but for updates check out the #LowCarbonLent and #LCLChallenge hashtags on social media.

If you fancy getting involved, it’s never too late! You can see ideas for your own Low Carbon Lent, whenever you do it, at https://lowcarbonlent.org/.