How our Carbon Maturity Model can help local authorities prioritise action for 2022

January 26, 2022

The climate emergency has been recognised by many local authorities and the need to decarbonise is set as a - if not the - number one priority moving into 2022. The challenge for many, however, is that because they are all at very different stages in terms of their response, they may not know precisely what to do next or how to maximise their resources in delivery.

We've made it our mission at City Science to arm organisations like local authorities with the insights they need to develop realistic action plans to meet their carbon reduction targets. This is precisely why we developed the Carbon Maturity Model, the first independent audit designed to assist local governments in quickly but meaningfully classifying their level of preparedness to address the climate emergency. This enables them to quantify their actions and prioritise what they should do next.

The Carbon Maturity Model

The Carbon Maturity Model is similar to a personality test, in that local authorities respond to a series of questions pertaining to each of the five carbon maturity levels, with basic, intermediate, and advanced questions corresponding to each level. The guided questionnaire takes less than an hour to complete and is followed by a comprehensive report and an in-person explanation of the findings.

Along with assisting local authorities in better understanding their own situation and determining the most appropriate next steps, Carbon Maturity Model reports can be shared with stakeholders to provide independent validation for the situation, progress made, and challenges faced.

How this approach helped Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council recently commissioned City Science to conduct a Carbon Maturity Assessment. Councillor Charlotte Gerada, the Labour group's climate change spokesman, said that the assessment's recommendations "chime perfectly" with the council's "gaps" in its carbon reduction strategy:

"Portsmouth City Council is an institutional leader in our city and must play a role in advising residents, businesses and organisations about what they can do to collectively achieve net zero carbon emissions... [We needed] a comprehensive carbon audit as a baseline for carbon reduction, rigorous assessment of the impact of actions taken and to take a city-wide approach with reducing emissions."

Ready to get started?

Our goal at City Science is to help organisations achieve decarbonisation more quickly and effectively, and we believe our Carbon Maturity Model represents a significant breakthrough in assisting local authorities in achieving Net Zero faster and more efficiently.

If you or your local authority is interested in initiating a year of action and would like an independent Carbon Maturity Assessment from City Science to expedite the process, or if you have any questions, please contact us at