St Helens Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan Appointment

December 23, 2021

City Science is delighted to announce our recent successful appointment to produce the St Helens Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for St Helens Borough Council.

Working with our partners, Civic Engineers, the St Helens LCWIP will build upon the key strategic routes and principles of the Liverpool City Region LCWIP by developing a prioritised local cycling and walking network which connects all of St Helen’s key settlements and communities.

The network developed as part of the LCWIP will be evidence-led and underpinned by the ethos that walking and cycling should become the best mode choice for local journeys which will fulfil a key principle of the Liverpool City Region’s Local Journeys Strategy. The prioritisation process will also account for St Helen’s wider policy ambitions, including supporting the delivery of their 2040 net zero carbon target.

The LCWIP will reflect national guidance such as Local Transport Note 1/20 (2020), through ensuring the design of all cycle routes developed fulfil the five key route principles. We will also be engaging closely with stakeholders and the community throughout the process to ensure routes developed reflects the needs of local people.

The St Helens LCWIP continues City Science’s recent successful and well-received LCWIPs we have recently completed for Milton Keynes and North East Lincolnshire.

If you would like to learn more about City Science’s work on LCWIPs, or our other decarbonisation services, please get in touch with us via our email.

St Helens town centre