Active travel analysis for Taunton's Garden Town

Client Brief

City Science was commissioned by Somerset County Council to deliver a sustainable transport study & Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) Evidence Base for Taunton supporting the major new Garden Town extensions. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans are a strategic approach to identify cycling and walking improvements at the local level outlined by the Department for Transport. Taunton already has a high level of walking & cycling due to it’s relatively flat and compact centre compared to the national average. The town has a clear opportunity to take a leadership role in the promotion and implementation of sustainable travel initiatives.


City Science Response

City Science performed a comprehensive review of existing policies & transport strategies, engaged key local stakeholders including the Taunton Area Cycling Campaign, evaluated the baseline mode-share, undertook detailed network and accessibility analysis, assessed the potential for modal shift & then suggested a series of interventions to improve the cycling and walking network.

The team used the City Science automated LCWIP toolkit to develop a comprehensive and visual evidence base for Taunton.


The outputs provided an up-to-date view of cycling and walking infrastructure in Taunton, an evidence base to support future strategic investment and a set of 29 potential interventions to be taken forward to inform the development of a Network Plan. City Science will commence work on the LCWIP for another town with Somerset shortly.

A sample of visualisations that formed part of the evidence base can be seen below.
"Somerset County Council commissioned City Science to help deliver supporting evidence for Taunton’s LCWIP and Taunton’s Garden Town initiative. City Science’s innovative proprietary network analysis identified 29 potential high-value cycling interventions aimed at improving connectivity within Taunton. Their ability to facilitate engagement and feedback from the local cycle campaign group and to bring additional context such as porosity analysis and accident data, ensured the delivery of a high quality evidence base that will be used for future decision making. City Science’s skill and professionalism in delivering our requirements shows why Somerset County Council has no hesitation in continuing to select City Science.”
- Lucy Bath, Technical Lead - Transport Policy, Somerset County Council