Exmouth Watersports Centre Travel Plan

Client Brief

Grenadier required a travel plan to accompany its planning application for the proposed Watersports Centre at Queen’s Drive, Exmouth that forms a major part of East Devon District Council’s redevelopment of Exmouth seafront. Grenadier is keen to establish the centre with the highest levels of sustainability possible and required an analysis taking into account the wider sustainable transport provision for visitors to the site.


City Science Response

City Science provided a travel plan, alongside an evaluation of sustainable travel to the site from visitors in Exmouth and beyond. The aim of the second report, sitting alongside the traditional travel plan, was to identify areas where additional local authority or community group action could be prioritised to enhance the redevelopment in keeping with the aspirational visions of the redevelopment.

Collectively the two studies examined multi-modal flows and potential flows to the site delivering a clear set of recommendations for both the site owner and the local authority.

The outputs below are a sample of the spatial analysis produced as part of the travel plan.

Walking isochrone showing the 30 minute catchment area of the proposed site
Cycling isochrone showing the 30 minute catchment area of the proposed site


The output is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of potential visitor travel to the site, a prioritised travel plan for the site itself and an audit of sustainable routes, wayfinding and access information for the wider Queen’s Drive development.

“City Science's analysis not only helped our planning application, but helped understand sustainable travel options to the wider site, a key goal in making this an exemplar site.”

- Peter Quincey, Director of Grenadier