How Cadence 247 is helping Cambridgeshire County Council manage its road network in real-time


As part of the digitisation of Cambridgeshire County Council’s systems, the Traffic Management Team wanted to modernise its approach to incident management and reporting. With funding from GovTech, the network management team worked with City Science to develop a flexible, visual incident reporting solution to record, capture and report on incidents across Cambridgeshire’s Road Network.


The Cadence 247 user experience team worked closely with the Network management team following a GDS best-practice methodology for user engagement. The team extended City Science’s Cadence 360 cloud-based platform to create Cadence 247 – a real-time spatial database for capturing and reporting information across shared teams in real-time.

Incident Logging Screen

As the information is geocoded, statistics across the county can be quickly reported on, whilst having a common county-wide view. This makes reporting a much easier and more accurate task.

Incident Reporting Screen


The solution has provided a step-change in the ease of capturing and reporting incidents across the network. Moving from an Excel-based system to a visual-spatial interface allows users to quickly identify what and where incidents are happening, rather than having to take coordinates or road names from a spreadsheet and look them up in a separate GIS system.

As a result, users can accurately investigate and attribute delays on the network in real-time to incidents and further analyse pre-emptive action through reporting and analysis.

Further efficiency gains have been made as the reporting outputs have been designed for easy communication either via the system directly or exportation to management reports.

“We had a gap in our ability to log the incidents that we monitored on the road network, which we had plugged by using an Excel-based spreadsheet that we could pull monthly reports out of – although this understandably took some time for Officers to put together each month."

“The Cadence 247 solution offered us not only a map-based visual aid, but an automatic report generated in real-time, which in just a few months has already become an invaluable tool for us."

“The feedback we have had from our Councillors, Stakeholders and Partners has been very positive, mainly citing the ease of use and understanding of the data”

Richard Burnett, Traffic Management Centre Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council deployed Cadence 247 over the summer of 2022 and has fully migrated to the new system. Cadence 247 is now available for other authorities to deploy and can be procured through GCLOUD 13.

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