9 Years Remaining – Planning for Electric Vehicles to 2030


The 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, originally identified in the UK Government's Ten Point Plan and more recently in the Department for Transport’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, means there is an urgent need to accelerate zero emission vehicle uptake within the next 9 years. As such, local authorities must ensure that communities have sufficient charging infrastructure in place to fulfil decarbonisation pathways.


The purpose of the White Paper is to support local authorities to navigate the complexity of what is required to accelerate zero emission vehicle uptake; achieved through undertaking detailed data and policy analysis and establishing key recommendations.

City Science Response

The White Paper initially incorporates a detailed contextual analysis including:

  • Wider carbon emissions context: underlining the role of zero emission vehicles as part of the wider “Avoid, Shift, Improve” framework, using some of the key findings from our research for the RTPI
  • Policy & regulatory framework review: such as the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 and hybrid vehicles by 2035
  • Electrical grid logistics: outlining the nature and complexities of the electrical grid network and district network operator’s responsibilities, including their five-year investment plans
  • Zero emission vehicle technology review: consideration of the relative merits and technology maturity of electric and hydrogen vehicles, considering cars, buses and freight vehicles – including electric road systems

Ten recommendations were developed based on the key outcomes of the analysis, which included:

  1. Set electrification goals within wider decarbonisation strategies
  2. Engage early
  3. Enforce electric vehicle readiness
  4. Develop a local evidence base
  5. Adopt whole system thinking
  6. Consider all elements of the transport system
  7. Establish & nurture partnerships
  8. Create & communicate clear roadmaps
  9. Use the broadest range of policy tools
  10. Regularly update plans


We are successfully applying the key findings and recommendations of the White Paper to support our clients, including local authorities and public bodies, to develop their own strategies for accelerating zero emission vehicle uptake.

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