Our Services

We enable data-driven decision making, providing insights and tools to make cities fit for the demands of modern living. Working with our partner cities we use data to develop new solutions, identify efficiency opportunities and inform policy options.

Our team of data scientists, consultants and business case experts deliver bespoke projects across a range of sectors. We are developing analytical tools for the transportation and energy sectors and provide a growing range of products in these industries.

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We are at the cutting edge of transportation research, combining data from multiple sources to create new insights about how people and goods move around our cities.

We can provide holistic analyses of how your city is functioning, traditional transportation modelling, business case development, data capture advice, sustainable transport strategies, transport impact assessments and bespoke research into air quality, road safety or other transport-related issues.

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We have a range of energy services including city-scale resource assessments, cost-saving and energy efficiency road-mapping, renewable generation advice and bespoke research projects.

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